Planning a cottage wedding: Insurance

Let’s get serious. Many of the elements that make cottage weddings fun and different—rustic buildings, docks, boats, and rugged terrain—also create hazards, so hosts should weigh whether their insurance policies provide enough liability coverage should any unfortunate incident occur.

Anne Carswell at Darling Insurance Realty in Bobcaygeon, Ont., recommends purchasing special-event liability insurance, and says cottagers need only call their broker with details about the event (such as the number attending and who is responsible for a liquor permit, if required) to find out if extra insurance is needed.

Drinking and driving (or boating) is a particular concern and hosts should consider whether additional transportation is needed for those celebrating into the wee hours.

PAL Insurance Brokers provides specific alcohol-related insurance for events. Party alcohol liability insurance provides $1 million in coverage for injury and property damage related “directly or indirectly [to] the consumption of alcoholic beverages.” Coverage starts an hour before the event and extends up to 24 hours. Each summer, PAL issues hundreds of wedding policies across the country and a typical fee for both additional general coverage and alcohol-related liability insurance is $250.