Meet host Jason “Chefy” Fitzsimmons

Cottage Life Television's Chefy

When he’s not cooking up fabulous meals for Muskoka cottage-goers, you can find Chefy tempting taste buds on Cottage Life Television. We caught up with him to ask about easy entertaining at the cottage, how to make the perfect s’more, and what a TV chef does when he’s not creating in the kitchen.

Cottage Life: What’s been your favourite part about filming so far?

Chefy: My favourite thing about filming has been the learning experience when it comes to how it’s all done and how it all comes together in the end. It’s a lot of work.

CL: You grew up cottaging in Muskoka and now you’re living there exclusively. What do you like most about being a full-time cottager?

Chefy: I love the fact that you don’t have to lock your vehicle and that there are no traffic lights or rush hour, but the best part is being able to take your boat, four-wheeler or snowmobile to work.

CL: When it’s a full house at the cottage, what are your favourite dishes to serve?

Chefy: Tacos, bacon and eggs, and a big old mixed grill barbeque with lots of salads.

CL: Let’s talk food staples—what are five must-have items for every cottage?

Chefy: Ketchup, Baileys, bacon, Morley burgers, propane, and did I mention beer to cook with?

CL: Are there any food trends out there right now that have caught your attention?

Chefy: I just try to keep things as healthy as I can. I cook with fresh, local, and all-Canadian ingredients—that’s my trend.

CL: Any tips for people who want to cut down on cook time and spend more hours on the dock?

Chefy: Have your menus planned ahead and get your guests involved. Try to get them to do the shopping and the dishes, that way you can focus on cooking and solid dock time. Keep it family-style with lots of large platters or just hire Chefy!

CL: Being a chef in cottage country, have you managed to master the s’more yet? What’s the secret?

Chefy: I just sit back and get the kids to do all the work. That’s the secret.

CL: So when you’re not creating in the kitchen, where will we find you?

Chefy: I will be on the lake fishing or on a camping or hunting trip.

CL: Is there another chef out there who you would love to have cook for you?

Chefy: Pasquale. I used to watch him as a kid and he always looked like he was having so much fun. I always wanted to sample what he was making. That’s a meal I would really enjoy.

CL: Picture this: It’s you versus a large plate of oh-so golden French fries. How are you going to get the job done—mayo or ketchup?

Chefy: Ketchup, the good ol’ stand-by.

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