Keep your fingers grease-free with these handy chip clips

Dust busters

This article was originally published in the Summer 2016 issue of Cottage Life magazine.

Chip dust. Ick. That powdery, greasy residue that clings to your fingertips after you’ve eaten Cheezies, Doritos, and other snacks. Good thing someone has thought of tools to solve this most problematic of all First World problems. Time for a Cottage Life Simulation Test!


Description: A reusable, one- size-fits-all finger-food utensil that works like a tiny plastic claw crane.

Ease of operation: High. CL Tester says: “You can drop it quickly, if you need to make a fast getaway. Like when the po-po rolls up.”

Best for: Chips. (Decent for Cheezies. Almost useless for popcorn or nuts.)


Chip fingers 

Description: Dishwasher-safe, reusable, one-size-fits-all finger covers (five to a pack) that slip onto each digit.

Ease of operation: High. CL Tester says: “They’re like Crocs for your fingers.”

Best for: Practically any snack food, but eating more than one piece of popcorn, while still controlling dust, was very tough.



Description: Chopsticks.

Ease of operation: Medium, if you have experience. Low for a novice. CL Tester says: “You can really only eat one chip at a time. And I’d feel like a moron if someone saw me using these.”

Best for: Sushi. That’s why they’re not called “chipsticks.”


All three kept our fingers clean, and—perhaps more significantly—kept us from cramming large amounts of snack food into our mouths.