How to set up and play Frisbee Cup


Don’t want to shell out the cash for that pricey bocce ball set? Or maybe there’s no time to set up your own horseshoe pit before the long weekend. If that’s the case, we may have the perfect cottage game for you. Easy to put together, inexpensive, and, as you’ll discover, addictive, Frisbee Cup incorporates many of the elements of classic backyard games and is perfect for pairs. As an added plus, you should have no trouble finding all the materials you need at your local cottage-country store. While the rules may vary slightly among those who have played the game before, here’s how we do it.

What you’ll need:

  • 4 plastic drinking cups
  • 2 Frisbees
  • 4 wooden dowels or garden stakes
  • 4 players

Setting up

Take two of the dowels and stick them into the ground, no more than an inch, to form a V-shape. You want to make sure the “V” is wide enough for a Frisbee to pass through the middle, but not so wide that there’s no challenge left in the game. Setting the stakes between a 45- and 60-degree angle should do, so that there are only a couple of feet between the tops of them. From there, walk straight approximately 15 feet and place the other set of dowels in the ground. This is somewhat subjective, so feel free to modify the length between each team’s stakes if the game becomes too easy or difficult. Once the stakes are in the ground, place an upside down cup onto each of them.

How to play

Standing behind a throw line at par with your team’s dowels or garden stakes, throw the Frisbee with one of two objectives: To get it between the dowels or, for more points, to hit one of the dowels and knock a cup off. While going for the dowels earns more points, a team that goes only for the dowels risks falling behind their opponents. If the other team manages to catch the cup before it hits the ground, the points go to them. Each player on the team takes one turn before the two Frisbees move over to the opponents’ side.


As previously mentioned, points are awarded for getting the Frisbee between the other team’s dowels and for hitting the cup off the end of one of the other team’s dowels. The first option will score you one point, while the second option will score you two points. If you manage to turn it around on the other team and catch the cup they’ve knocked off, you’ll also gain one point. Tally the score, switching which team member throws first each time. Play until one team reaches 21.