How to pair beer with your barbecue

Beer and barbecue

Yes, summertime screams barbecue and ice-cold beer. But don’t just settle for ordinary. Dive into the diversity of brews available and explore with these simple guidelines.

Balance the weight

Pair light-tasting beer with lighter food, and a more robust brew with heavier food. The clean, zippy flavours of a Pilsner, or the light citrus notes of a wheat beer complement lightly grilled fish. With heartier, grilled red meats, serve a hefty stout or a porter.

Match the flavours

Beer, like barbecued fare, can have flavours of caramel and toast. For grilled chicken with a crispy caramelized skin, try an amber lager or a British-style pale ale. Barbecued pork chops, ribs, and sausages work well with the roasted toffee flavours of an American-style brown ale.

Balance elements

Having spicy wings or hot Italian sausages? Choose a noticeably malty beer. A German dunkel or a sweeter, oak-aged beer can put out some of the fire. A beer with malty sweetness will also balance the saltiness of crumbled feta or blue cheese on a juicy burger, or the acidity of a tart relish. A bitter well-hopped ale plays off a medium-rare T-bone, leaving your palate refreshed.