Hidden vacation gems in Prince Edward Island


It might be Canada’s smallest province, but PEI has a lot more to offer than Anne of Green Gables. Visitors to the birthplace of Canada tend to flock to Charlottetown and Cavendish, but there’s so much more to explore. For travellers who want to delve deeper into the island, the following stops should be high on the itinerary.

By-the-Sea Kayaking
Located in Victoria-by-the-Sea on PEI’s south shore, By-the-Sea-Kayaking offers visitors the chance to experience the Northumberland Strait, the body of water that separates New Brunswick from the island, as well as offering lessons for beginners and special trips during sunrise, sunset, and full moons. But exploring the beauty of the Northumberland Strait isn’t the only reason to consider adding By-the-Sea Kayaking to your vacation activities; visitors also have the chance to kayak to nearby sandbars to dig for clams.

Trout River Natural Trail
The Trout River trail area is a place any nature lover will enjoy. Located in Coleman and complemented with walking bridges over the muddy and wet areas, this five-kilometre walking trail gives visitors chance to explore the Trout River, along with the island’s more than 300 species of birds. Hikers should note that there is a crop of String Nettles plants in the area, and they should be avoided if possible to lower the risk of beings stung.

Lighthouse Lover’s Tour
This activity isn’t so much about the destination, but the trip. While many people stick to other tours, such as the Confederation Trail and the Major Woodland’s Trail, the self-guided Lighthouse Lover’s Tour will prove a favourite among anyone who’s more interested in travelling the entire island. There are more than 20 lighthouses on the tour, with many of them being over 100 years old. Highlights include Point Prim, which features the province’s oldest lighthouse; the Woods Island Lighthouse; and the Cape Edgemont Lighthouse. Lighthouse Lover is also good for those who enjoy geocaching, as there are five different geocaching locations on the tour

Jacques Cartier Provincial Park
Named after the first European explorer to set foot on the island, the Jacques Cartier Provincial Park is one of many nature parks the island as to offer. With a connecting beach along the Gulf of St Lawrence, a playground for children and a 22-acre campground, the park may not seem very different, but sometimes it’s the scenery that makes an area memorable, which is why tourists should add a day trip to this park to their list.  

Spinnaker’s Landing
For those who want to take a break from trails, tours, and parks, Spinnaker’s Landing near Summerside is the place to go. Complete with a boardwalk, waterfront shops such as Beyond the Rainbow and Homestead Antiques, a picnic area, guided tours, and occasional live entertainment, the Landing is a great place to relax, grab a bite to eat, or pick up a few souvenirs.