Hidden vacation gems in Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia

Nearly every corner of Canada has a few tourist gems that travellers too often overlook, and Nova Scotia is no exception. When a lot of people think of Nova Scotia, they tend to focus on some of the province’s more famous areas and landmarks, such as the Cabot Trail, Fortress of Louisbourg, Peggy’s Cove, the Town of Lunenburg, or the Annapolis Valley, but that’s not all the province as to offer. Next time you’re Nova Scotia bound, here are a few areas you might want to add to your list during your next trip to the East Coast. 

1. Tatamagouche: A small community in Colchester County, Tatamagouche has a lot to offer. In addition to a variety of cafes, museums, and gift shops, one of area’s the most unique attractions is the “Trail of Two Rivers,” an abandoned rail line that’s now part of the TransCanada Trail. In addition to being in close proximity to the Iron Train Bridge and view of the Waugh and French Rivers, those who travel this route will be able to enjoy nature, kayaking and fishing activities.

2. North River Falls: Located near Baddeck on Cape Breton Island, a trip to North River Falls is more about the destination than the journey. Part of the North River Provincial Park, the trail leading to the falls looks like any other nature trail with trees, rivers, and man-made footpaths, but after an 18 kilometre hike visitors will see beauty that only nature can bring:  The North River Falls, which stand 32 metres high and are surrounded by picturesque scenery. It’s a long walk, but well worth the reward.

3. Thomas Raddall Provincial Park:  Nestled in the small community of Port Joli and across the harbour from Kejimkujik Seaside Adjunct National Park in Nova Scotia’s South Shore, the Thomas Raddall Park is a campground and the perfect spot for nature lovers. There are four seabird sanctuaries, white sand beaches, 82 different campsites, and more than 1,600 acres of land for hiking and cycling.

4. Bayfield: A small community located in Antigonish County on the mainland part of Nova Scotia, Bayfield is made up of beautiful farmland that is backed by a spectacular view of George’s Bay, a sub-basin of the Northumberland Strait. Visitors can either drive, cycle, or walk along any of roads for the view or spend a day at Bayfield Beach.

5. Marshy Hope: Marshy Hope, like Bayfield, is perfect for those looking a scenic drive. A small community between New Glasgow and Antigonish on the Trans-Canada Highway, Marshy Hope is an area that tends to sneak up on person. Visitors will be driving along the highway and then, without noticing it, they reach the Marshy Hope area where they’re treated to spectacular views of mountains, creeks and in the fall season the view is complimented with a colour palette of red, yellow and orange leaves. 

While most vacations tend to concentrate on visiting the province’s more popular attractions, it’s worth looking around to see what else the Nova Scotia can offer. Even if something isn’t talked about often, it doesn’t mean it isn’t worth the trip.


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