Dos and Don’ts for your fireworks display


With the May long weekend upon us, there’s likely to be lots of celebrating, and there’s no better sign of a summer party than a festive fireworks show once the sun goes down.

While the Ontario Office of the Fire Marshal recommends attending public displays, we know that some of you are more partial to informal neighbourhood gatherings, and if you’re out in the sticks, it might be your only option. If that’s the case, there are a few things to be mindful of. Check out our top 10 dos and don’ts, taken from the experts, for setting up your own display.

DON’T set fireworks off during an open-air burning ban. (It says FIRE right in the name, after all.)

DO appoint a designated shooter to set them off; alcohol and fireworks aren’t a great mix.

DON’T skim over the details. Always read and follow the direction on the labels.

DO keep water—whether it’s a pail or a hose—nearby.

DON’T light fireworks upwind from your audience, who should be at least 25ft away from the firing line.

DO wear safety glasses and gloves if you’re the shooter.

DON’T try to relight a dud. Instead, wait 30 minutes before soaking the fireworks in a bucket of water and disposing of them in a metal container.

DO apply some common sense. Never light a firework in your hand; always place them firmly in a bucket of sand or soil.

DON’T ever use homemade fireworks or try to modify them…no matter how high you scored on that chemistry exam.

DO check local bylaws. Setting off fireworks isn’t an anytime, anywhere activity. However, many areas don’t require a permit on holidays such as Victoria Day and Canada Day.


And finally, DO have a great long weekend!