8 delicious desserts you can cook on the grill

grilled banana boat sundae

There’s nothing quite like making dinner on your back deck. You get to soak up the sun, breathe in the sweet scent of the grill, and show off your BBQ skills. It’s a magical food experience worth savouring, so why turn down the heat as soon as the burgers and veggies have been seared? Your desserts deserve some grillin’ too! From pies, to cookies, to ice cream there’s no treat that won’t benefit from some time over the flames.


This is an easy to grill dessert recipe for beginners. All you need are some store-bought sugared donuts and the skill to deliver some excellent grill lines. The outside of the donuts will caramelize on the BBQ, while the insides get wonderfully soft and gooey.


Pan-seared fruits are always a big hit, so it’s only natural that they would shine on the grill as well. There are tons of great options to experiment with – apples, pineapples, grapefruit, bananas—but peaches are a summer classic that pair well with any meal. You can use brown sugar to bring out the sweetness of the fruit and even add a decadent white chocolate pistachio topping.

Strawberry shortcake

Strawberry shortcake is as whimsical as it is tasty. The cake slices are seared directly on the grill grate, while the strawberries are threaded onto skewers and cooked like kabobs. Once you put it all together—and add a little lemon cream—you have a really cute sandwich.

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Cheesecake Quesadilla

This recipe, from Godfather of the Grill Ted Reader, turns a dinnertime favourite into a decadent dessert. To assemble, just spread pre-made cheesecake and fresh fruit in your tortilla and grill.

Peach-Blueberry Cobbler

This mouth-watering cobbler is assembled in a cast-iron-skillet and cooked to perfection on a covered grill. Blueberries and peaches are a great combination, although you can easily adapt the recipe to incorporate different fruit pairings. Just make sure to top it all off with a heaping scoop of vanilla ice cream!

Here’s a Ted Reader Recipe for you to try out!

Banana Split

The secret to this recipe’s success is the caramelized banana slices, which come to life over a hot fire. It’s a great way to jazz up a classic dessert with some smoky flavour.

Grilled Banana Boat

Speaking of bananas, this grilled banana boat sundae is easy to prepare and fun to decorate. Just curl back the peel, fill with your favourite toppings, and bake to crispy perfection!

Plum Kabobs

Just like their veggie counterparts, these plum kabobs from Martha Stewart are incredibly easy to pull off. Ripe plums are threaded onto skewers and grilled until they’re soft and bursting with juices. It’s a beautifully simple, and flavourful, dessert.

Ice Cream

If you want to impress your guests with a mind-blowing barbecued dessert, grilled ice cream is the way to go. It takes a little practice to perfect the timing, but when you get it right, there’s nothing quite as satisfying.

Here’s a recipe for those of you daring enough to try this out!

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