Cottage-inspired pumpkin stencils

Come October 31st, most cottagers take in the ghosts and ghouls floating about at home and not at the cottage. But that doesn’t mean a little piece of life by the lake can’t be incorporated into your festivities. Here are some pumpkin-carving stencils that will add some cottage life to your Halloween!


1. Print stencil from options below on a standard size (8.5 x 11) piece of acetate or heavy weight paper.

2. Cut out stencil using sharp blade. Note: This task is best left to the grown-ups as some of the stencils are intricate and could be tricky for little hands.

3. Position stencil on pumpkin and hold in place with pins (we’ve tried tape, but it just doesn’t seem to to the job).

4. These stencils look great either carved all the way through the pumpkin or just the skin, scored out into the pumpkins flesh—either way, the design will come through.