Coca-Cola introduces the most Canadian pop flavour ever

There have been a lot of Coca-Cola and Diet Coke flavours over the years: cherry vanilla, lime, zesty blood orange, cherry. Although some were delicious (and others cloyingly sweet), we believe none have resonated with Canadians as much as the latest flavour to hit the shelves. 

Introducing Coca-Cola Quebec Maple, a permanent flavour developed specifically for the Canadian market. The retro-looking bottle has a navy blue cap and label, and features a maple leaf and fleur-de-lis. You can find it now in your local grocery stores, convenience stores, and gas stations, along with other “local flavours” and specialty sodas that have been rolling out since 2018 (British Columbia Raspberry, anyone?).

The release of this new product is a true testament to the fact Canadians will put maple syrup in/on just about everything. From baked goods and savoury recipes, to cocktails and even lip balm, we’ve played around with the sticky stuff quite a bit—but never put it in Coca-Cola.

Besides just being an all around thirst-quencher, we see this new drink as keeping the maple syrup season going all year long. 

Want to incorporate the refreshing drink in other ways than just on a hot, sunny summer afternoon? Add it to your recipes! We showed you we already cook with maple syrup, and cola is already a popular ingredient in a lot of Southern cooking, so why not experiment?

We imagine these ideas (although not tried or tested) could make for a sweet addition to any plate:

Slow cooker ribs anyone?

Add a little Dijon mustard, salt, and pepper, to a measuring cup full of the maple cola, whisk together, pour over a baking dish full of chicken, and bake. 

Reducing the flavoured cola on the stove until it has a syrupy consistency. Use it as a replacement for maple syrup on your pancakes.

Mix the drink together with confectioner’s sugar, butter, and cocoa powder for an extra-sweet icing for brownies or a cake.

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