7 summer beers for the deck

The number of micro-breweries in Canada is absolutely exploding. We’re finally catching up with our American neigbours with tons of high-quality options brewed by people that live, breathe and, well, drink beer. To whet your appetite for summer, we’ve gathered a sampling of new and not-so-new brews that will be perfect for a summer quaff.

Amsterdam’s Boneshaker IPA

If you like India Pale Ales, then Amsterdam’s Boneshaker definitely fills the bill. They started with the question, how many hops can we fit into a beer? And then went from there. Continuously hopped throughout the brewing process with Amarillo hops and seven different malts, this is a big beer loaded with hop character. At 7.1 percent ABV, it will not only cause your face to pucker; it may also cause the floor to sway. 

Sawdust City’s Golden Beach Pale Ale

The newest addition to the growing number of breweries in the Muskoka region, Sawdust City is no newbie; they know what they’re doing. Brewmaster Sam Corbeil’s first brew for the brand was Golden Beach Pale Ale.

“A hop forward American pale ale, it’s only 4.8 per cent ABV but loaded with juicy hop aromatics and flavours using a whack of Australian and North American hops,” says Corbeil.

This is a perfect patio session beer if ever there was one.

Beau’s LugTread Lagered Ale

While not a new beer by any means, Beaus continues to offer more and more beer styles to their lineup, both seasonal and regulars. But it’s hard to beat their original Lugtread lagered ale on a hot summer day. Not too hoppy, not too malty, this is one beverage that goes down easy. Even your Coors Light-loving Uncle Jim might enjoy the delicate flavour profiles of this delicious creation.

Lake of Bays Brewery’s Rock Cut Baysville Lager

A new one to the Lake of Bays Brewery lineup, the Rock Cut is the brewery’s first lager. And it’s so new, we haven’t even tried it yet. But the people at LOB are passionate about their beer, so you can almost guarantee this is a good beer. It’s shipping imminently to LCBO’s throughout Ontario, and the sell sheet touts this as a “very refreshing, smooth, and well-balanced,” beer. In other words, a perfect summer bevy. Look for it soon in tall cans.

Muskoka Brewery’s Summer Weiss

While Weiss-style beers aren’t new, they are enjoying a boost of popularity on the North American scene. And Muskoka Brewery’s Summer Weiss makes a perfect pint for a hot summer day. Weiss beers are inherently cloudy, but don’t let that deter you: the sunny, golden yellow colour is topped off with a frothy white head and an aroma of coriander, along with a taste of citrus will have your reaching for another pint in no time.

Central City Brewing’s Red Racer IPA

Talk to beer connoisseurs and craft-brewing types, and they all love this beer. Cramming in six hop additions throughout the brew, it’s a bitter beer for those who love genuine, American-style, India Pale Ales. And to counter the bitterness they cranked the alcohol up to 6.5 percent for a beer that has a serious punch in both flavour and in kick. The biggest complaint? Its price tag. But it only takes a couple of these until you don’t care about money anymore. They’re delicious.

Oast House Brewery’s Saison

Saison is a beer style traditionally brewed in Belgium and stored for the summer months when it is served to farm workers. Nothing could be better for a summer drink. And the people at Niagara On the Lake’s Oast House Brewery have a fine interpretation of this style. Available in 750 ml bottles, this is a strong beer, perfect for a hot summer day.