This season’s must-try craft brews


There isn’t much that beats a cold refreshing beer on a hot day. And as the number of craft breweries in Canada continues to propagate like happy yeast in a warm fermenter, we have more choice than ever. Here’s a small selection from some great breweries to put on your beer bucket list.

Amsterdam Brewery’s Sweetwater Squeeze Radler

The Radler is a beer style from Germany, where the word actually means cyclist, and for good reason—this is the perfect beer for after a bike ride. Traditionally a 50:50 mixture of beer and sparkling lemonade, Radler is now a common term for beers mixed with nearly any kind of juice. And Amsterdam’s thirst-quenching blend contains their housemade soda, blood orange juice, and a unique beer base. It’s the perfect solution to the post-cycling sweats and at 3.8 percent, you could actually keep riding afterward. More info: www.amsterdambeer.com

Sawdust City Brewing Company’s Golden Beach

Sawdust City Brewing Company’s Golden Beach Pale Ale is sunshine yellow and an easy-drinking American Pale Ale. With juicy, citrus hop flavours, aromas of tropical fruit, and freshly cut grass, each sip from this delicious ale will have you thinking about the next one. More info: www.sawdustcitybrewing.com

Left Field Brewery’s Sunlight Park Saison

Named after Toronto’s first professional baseball stadium, this sessionable saison is as tart and refreshing as any saison should be. With lots of malted wheat and honey malt, plus the zest of 100 organic grapefruits in every batch, this beer is perfect for a mellow day of outdoor games at the cottage. Let’s play ball! More info: www.leftfieldbrewery.ca

Collective Arts Saint of Circumstance

When you’re sitting on the dock all day and need something that goes down easy, give this one a try—a delicious blonde ale with wheat malt and lots of lemony flavours from Citra, Centennial, and the ever-popular Amarillo hops. Add in some zest with some seasonal citrus and this is a thirst killer on the hottest of August afternoons. More info: www.collectiveartsbrewing.com

Steamworks Brewery’s Killer Cucumber Ale

Why not take one of summer’s most refreshing vegetables and throw it in a beer? That’s what the fine people at Steamworks do. Taking a light summer ale, they dry-hop it with organic cucumbers. Belgian yeast adds a hint of apricot, black pepper, and the medium-light body makes this a delicious thirst-quenching beer. More info: www.steamworks.com/brewery

Red Racer India Session Ale

Want all the flavour of an India pale ale without the kick in the pants from the high alcohol? Enter this India session ale from Red Racer. Mosaic hops make this light and fruity with a good bitterness and malt balance. And at four percent, this session is big on flavour and light on alcohol. More info: www.redracerbeer.com

Dieu du Ciel Rosee d’Hibiscus

The brewers at Dieu du Ciel have a reputation for great beers, and for good reason. Their d’Hibiscus is the perfect summer libation—a wheat beer brewed with hibiscus flowers and spices that give it a sweet, light taste with a hint of spice. At 5.9 percent it’s still on the strong side, but the flavour is so thirst-quenching. More info: www.micro.dieuduciel.com