5 ways to make your cottage safer for gran and gramps

Older couple

Everyone deserves an action-packed but injury-free weekend. First, do some prep!


If the steps into the lake are slimy, give them a scrub with a bristly brush before guests arrive. Consider adding a handrail.


Walk your trails with an eye to branches that hang down and roots or rocks that stick up: trim the former, mark the latter. Remove branches that need to be stepped over. Bonus: have walking sticks, or canes, by the door. They’re helpful even for those who wouldn’t use them day-to-day.


These can be tripping hazards and are especially tough for those with walkers. Roll them up for the weekend.


Dim lighting is exactly what you want for fishing ventures and romantic dinners, but it’s not ideal for stairs. Entrances too can be problematic, especially when moving from bright to dark, as the change in brightness is momentarily blinding. Make sure these areas are well lit, inside and out.


A lot of cottage food is eaten with hands—think corn on the cob, enemy to both dentures and braces. Supply utensils.