5 ready-made cocktails that will convince your friends you’re a mixologist

Two screwdriver cocktails with orange slices sitting on striped cloth Photo by Brent Hofacker/Shutterstock

Trying to impress your friends with your cocktail-mixing skills and sophisticated taste, but you’re intimidated by complicated recipes? Not to fear! There are tons of ready-made cocktail options that taste great and take little effort to adjust to your preferences.

Cocktail bombs

For a quick and flashy drink that will help you look like a trendy mixologist, try a Cocktail Bomb! These bath bomb-like balls fizz and release glitter when you pop them into a drink, and they come in over 25 flavours. Since they’re compact and don’t melt in the heat, you can bring them along on a camping trip for a fun surprise.

J.P. Wiser’s whisky cocktails

J.P. Wiser’s whisky cocktails currently come in two pre-mixed flavours: an old fashion blend of spice, orange, and honeycomb; and a Manhattan blend with vermouth, cinnamon, cloves, and ginger. Best enjoyed over ice, these whisky cocktails are sweet enough that no additional sugar is needed, and they’re smooth enough to go down without needing to be diluted, online reviewers say.

Bacardi cocktails

Bacardi’s strong-and-sweet drinks are classic options at parties. You can’t go wrong with their ready-made mojito, but it’s also worth trying their pink Island Punch, which mixes pineapple juice, guava, prickly pair, and hibiscus.

Tumbler & Rocks cocktails

From martinis to El Margs to cosmos, Tumbler & Rocks has a pre-made cocktail for almost any social event. Their drinks are mainly sold in Alberta, but they’re made with Canadian ingredients: raspberries from B.C., honey made in Alberta, and gin distilled in Saskatchewan. Their espresso martini even won Best in Class at the 2022 Alberta Beverage Awards.

The screwdriver

Though the screwdriver isn’t ready-made, it’s so simple it might as well be—the drink involves so little thought to make that, according to urban legend, the original creator first stirred it with an actual screwdriver. Combine four parts orange juice with one part vodka and a healthy amount of ice. For some visual flair, you can garnish the glass with a sliced orange and a sugar rim.

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