5 fruit beers worth trying

The world of craft breweries continues to explode in Canada and with it comes an endless array of new beer to try. And while beer with fruit in it may seem radical, it is a legitimate beer style recognized by the Beer Judge Certification Program. Here are five delicious ones to try that you should have no problem finding at your local liquor store.

Nickel Brook Green Apple Pilsner

While apples and beer may not sound like an obvious mix of flavours, the combination is nothing new: British pubs have served snakebites (a blend of cider and beer) for decades. This brewery created the Green Apple Pilsner by combining a fully lagered Pilsner with a fresh green apple extract imported from Germany. A smooth beer with a crisp, clean finish, it pairs well with poultry, pork or seafood. More info: Nickel Brook Brewery

Amsterdam Framboise
Amsterdam Brewery uses whole raspberries to infuse its beer with a delicious fruit flavour. Added during the second stage of fermentation, the berries add a ruby-pink colour to the final product. The flavour and aroma have a fresh raspberry note creating a perfect balance of sweet and tart. This refreshing beer pairs well with desserts or an unquenchable thirst. More info: Amsterdam Brewery

McAuslan Apricot Wheat Ale

Montreal’s McAuslan Brewery first launched this as a seasonal beer, but it turned out to be so popular they now brew it year-round. Natural apricot flavour is brewed with barley and wheat malts to create unique, delicious beer. The jam-like apricot flavour is balanced well with the beer, creating a solid summer quaffing beverage that will help you beat the heat. More info: McAuslan Brewery

KLB Raspberry Wheat

Probably the first fruit beer many of us tasted, this choice has been around for a long time. Now brewed by Toronto’s Amsterdam Brewery, this single-hopped wheat beer is light amber in colour and has a white, frothy head. With a fresh, raspberry bouquet, this is a solid option for a hot summer day. More info: Amsterdam Brewery

Fruli Strawberry Beer

If anyone should know how to make a fruit beer, the Belgians should: They’ll brew beer with anything! And they’re good at it. But whether you love or hate this beer is entirely up to you. The super sweet, strawberry-and-citrus tasting beverage wouldn’t meet everyone’s definition of beer, but beer it is. To truly enjoy this brew, pairing it with cheese might be your best bet. If you’re looking for something different, it definitely meets that criteria. More info: Fruli