3 simple recipes for beer cocktails

Beer cocktail

Reaching for a plain old barley sandwich to cool yourself down this summer? Beer, schmeer. The “It” drink of the season is the beer cocktail. The many styles of brews mean that there are infinite possibilities for fun and refreshing cocktails, so why not chill out with one of the following easy recipes—and don’t be afraid to experiment a little!

For the Party: Lager + Pineapple Juice + Triple Sec + Orange Vodka + Orange

Serve this fruity refresher at your next cottage bash. In a small punch bowl, combine 4 cups pineapple juice, 4 bottles lager, 2 oz orange-flavoured vodka and 2 oz triple sec. Garnish with orange wheels. Instead of regular ice, which will dilute the drink, add a block of frozen lager to keep it chilled. Makes 6 to 8 servings.

Dockside Sipper: Wheat Beer + Gin + Raspberry Liqueur + Raspberries

This cocktail marries the natural citrus flavours of wheat beer (like Muskoka Brewery’s Summer Weiss) with the red berry notes of raspberry liqueur, a perfect combination for a lazy summer afternoon. Mix 1 oz gin and 1 1/2 oz raspberry liqueur with 1 bottle wheat beer. Serve in a large wine glass; garnish with raspberries.

By the ’Cue: Stout + Cola + Whisky + Frosty Mug

This robust drink, with notes of coffee and chocolate, stands up to the charred flavours of grilled fare. Add half a bottle of stout to the same amount of cola and 1 oz whisky. Serve in a frosty beer mug.