15 of the coolest bookshelves for book lovers

When it’s too cold to escape outside into nature, the next best alternative is to escape inside—into a book. Part of the pleasure of reading is scanning your bookshelf: running your finger along the spines, slipping a book out of its slot to flick through its pages, and generally revelling in the display of some of your finest possessions.

But part of the book lover’s dilemma is that there are always more books to acquire, and always more impressive ways to store them. These shelves aren’t your typical Ikea pieces; they’re works of art (and sometimes of architecture). So if you’re a bookworm and/or an organization junkie, be warned: this gallery will definitely give you a bad case of bookshelf envy. Even if you aren’t a big reader, you might just find yourself coveting a few of these pieces.

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