10 unconventional toppings that will bring your hot dogs to the next level

Hot dogs. You’ve probably eaten a million of them, and mostly in the same way: bun, ketchup, mustard, onions, and perhaps a few more “adventurous” toppings like pickles or sauerkraut. But considering how many potential toppings there are for a hot dog, most of us have only scratched the surface when it comes to possible frankfurter flavours.

If you have a bold palate, you might consider making this the summer of the hot dog, and trying some of the wackier hot dog toppings we’ve come across. There are plenty of hot dog stands and restaurants that specialize in unusual, outrageous, or decadent hot dogs (you can actually buy a cognac-infused Kobe-beef hot dog for $100), but there’s no reason you can’t DIY. Expand your collection of condiments and toppings, and you’ll be ready to create a hot dog for any occasion.

Here are our suggestions for a few toppings that will help you liven up your hot dogs and amaze (or shock) your guests. Don’t be afraid to mix and match or create your own entirely unique hot dog creation. Happy roasting!