10 one-pot meals to get you through winter

Have you found yourself hungrier than usual lately? You’re not alone. It’s a well-document fact that people feel hungrier when the weather is cold, a phenomenon some believe is the result of our  “primitive impulses” to gain weight for winter. Humans may not be hibernators, but we’ve still historically benefitted from packing on a few pounds in the wintertime.

So what’s better way to honour our ancestors than by stuffing our faces all winter long? Of course, while most of us don’t hunt down and forage our own food as our ancestors did, getting meals on the table can still be a work-intensive process. But thankfully, feeding yourself and your family doesn’t have to be an all-night affair. Cooking one-pot meals is a great way to cut down on prep time and dishes.

These delicious dinners are hearty and filling, which is just what you’d hope for  in a winter meal, and they’re also easy and not too messy (which is what you hope for in every meal). So don’t fight your primitive impulses. Instead, break out your biggest pot and get eating.