10 creative treats to cook over the campfire


Bored of s’mores? Yes, we love them, too, but as delicious as those classic treats may be, they’re not the only snack best enjoyed over an open flame. Here are 10 ways to get creative with your campfire cooking.

Campfire fondue

Photo courtesy of www.chow.com

No fancy fondue pot is needed to make this cheesy dip, although it will feel just as indulgent as its indoor counterpart. Strong tinfoil, a soft cheese such as Brie or Camembert and, yes, a splash of brandy is all that’s needed—don’t forget the baguettes and wine. Recipe: www.chow.com

Banana boats

Photo courtesy of thetaylor-house.com

The campfire and marshmallow combo is one of the gooiest pleasures of a night outdoors. That is, until you add a banana bowl. Fill a sliced-open banana (leave the skin on) with marshmallows and chocolate chips, then wrap in tinfoil and cook in the fire. Once it’s a melted mess, dive in. (We recommend a spoon.) Recipe: www.thetaylor-house.com

Spider dogs

Photo courtesy of hotcheapeasy.com

Also referred to as octo-dogs, these creepy crawly hotdogs are way more fun than their bun counterpart. Make two vertical slices from each end, leaving the middle intact as the “body” (as well as a place to poke the stick). Hint: Cook until extra crispy for a truly tarantula-like dog. Recipe: www.hotcheapeasy.com

Campfire pies

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Photo courtesty of goodfoodstories.com

No crust-making skills are required to make the campfire version of an apple (or other flavour) pie. Instead, take two pieces of bread, slather with butter and your choice of pie filling, and roast it over an open flame with a pie iron. Alternately, if you’re after something savoury, load up your pie with pizza sauce and shredded cheese. Recipe: www.goodfoodstories.com

Elote (Mexican street corn)

Photo courtesy of seriouseats.com

What’s better than corn on the cob? How about corn on the cob that’s slathered with a creamy, spicy lime seasoning? This Mexican street snack translates well to the campfire; a mixture of mayonnaise, butter or sour cream, Cotija cheese (feta or parmesan will also do), chili powder, garlic and lime is spread on smoky, roasted corn. Recipe: www.seriouseats.com

Roasted marshmallow strawberries

Photo courtesy of terrafirmaadventures.com

For a (slightly) healthier s’mores alternative, how about roasting a marshmallow-wrapped strawberry? Instead of marshmallows, you’ll need marshmallow fluff for dipping (like we said, it’s only slightly healthier), and remember to go easy on the roasting—you don’t need to melt your strawberry down to jam. Recipe: www.terrafirmaadventures.com

Orange muffins

Photo courtesy of apronstringsblog.com

These will take some prep, as you’ll have to not only mix the muffin batter, but also hollow out several oranges, but the novelty totally makes these campfire treats worth the work. Fill some oranges with muffin batter (blueberry, cranberry and chocolate are all good options), wrap in foil and toss straight into the fire—don’t worry about burning, the orange peel will insulate the filling. Recipe: www.apronstringsblog.com

Campfire cones

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Photo courtesy of cometogetherkids.com

For a twist on the traditional s’more, try making a s’more sundae in a cone. Mix chocolate and marshmallows in a waffle cone, add whatever creative toppings you like, from fruit fillings to nuts to peanut butter, and roast away. Recipe: www.cometogetherkids.com

Bannock on a stick

Photo courtesy of paddlinglight.com

Bannock is an easy bread to make—no yeast required—that also cooks well over a campfire. The dough ingredients are minimal (flour, baking powder, salt, powdered milk, oil), but you can also sweeten it up with a sprinkling of cinnamon and sugar. Recipe: www.paddlinglight.com

Baked apples

Photo courtesy of theburghbaby.com

This classic fall dessert tastes even better when it’s cooked over a campfire—although be warned that they take some time, so start early in the evening. Cored apples are filled with butter, cinnamon and sugar, then wrapped in foil and fire-baked. Recipe: www.theburghbaby.com