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What materials can be used to plug mouse entry points?


What materials can be used to plug mouse entry points into a cottage, such as around drain pipes and electrical wiring?
—John Mitchell

Your best bet for blocking these trouble spots—the most common mouse entry points—is a material that stuffs easily into holes, but is something the mice won’t enjoy chewing, such as copper or stainless steel wool, copper mesh, or diamond wire lath. For larger spaces, you can use concrete or galvanized metal mesh.

You’ll also want to suss out and plug up possible holes in stone foundations, earthen crawlspaces, or attached garages, plus any cracks and crevices you find in the exterior of the cottage. Bring your flashlight, and your vigilance: Mice, with their flexible bodies and tiny skulls, can fit through holes as small as a dime, or basically anywhere you can shove a pencil.