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Weekly Hack: 16 cottage duct tape fixes

By Anteromite/Shutterstock

Duct tape repairs almost everything—including these rips, breaks, tears, and minor disasters at the cottage. Just don’t count on a duct-tape solution to last forever.

Split canoe paddle, torn rubber boots, a hole in a screen

Cracked window Run a strip of tape along the crack inside and out.

Flashing leak Make sure you apply tape only when the flashing is clean and dry.

Torn tent; torn awning Put tape on both sides of the tear.

Ripped sail, boat seat, sleeping bag, or lawn chair webbing

Fibreglass boat dings Clean and dry the area, then apply tape generously to temporarily waterproof the damaged section.

Leaky beach ball, air mattress, or vacuum cleaner hose

Cracked toilet seat Because getting pinched in certain places really hurts. Trust us.

When it’s time to remove the tape, clean off the sticky residue with acetone, lacquer thinner, or mineral spirits.

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