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Watch a V8-powered chainsaw slice through a tree trunk like it’s butter

If you hate chopping wood at the cottage, get ready for some serious chainsaw-envy.

An Australian company has tricked out a chainsaw with a V8 engine that’s so powerful, it slices through thick hardwood like a knife through butter.

Made with the same engine found in racecars like Lamborghinis and Ferraris, the chainsaw cuts through 555-milimeter thick peppermint gumwood in 2.4 seconds flat.

The Frankenstein-machine in the video above is the work of Australian company Whitlands Engineering.

Although cottage-type lumberjacks might want to try creating their own monster chainsaw (imagine collecting wood with one of these bad boys?), remember it’s not exactly the most portable. The Whitlands chainsaw is so heavy that it needs to be mounted to a wheeled cart to haul it around.

Next up, how about a souped-up snowblower or lawn mower?