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Three options for outdoor chairs

Overhead view of a wooden deck with two grey deck chairs next to a green tree. Photo by Sleepy Mandy/Shutterstock

Listen, we at Cottage Life like a good Muskoka chair (or Adirondack chair, or Westport chair, or whatever you want to call them) as much as the next cottager. But that doesn’t mean we aren’t allowed to perch elsewhere all summer, does it? I’ve recently encountered a few unique chair designs that I thought I’d share in case you are looking for an alternative to the low-slung deck and dock chair we’ve come to call our own.


The Solair chair, by designers Fabio Fabiano and Michelange Panzini, was created in Montreal in 1972. Made using injection moulding plastic technology, a new technique at the time, with steel framing, the chair was designed in the short span of just one weekend. (Fabiano and Panzini may well have been the ulitmate cottage putterers.) While you may recognize this candy-coloured seat from it’s appearances at roadside motels on Highway 11, the Solair would look right at home on a sheltered deck near the lake, too. (Available at The Bay, and at Inabstracto in Toronto)


This deck chair by Loll is more like a traditional Muskoka chair than the Solair, but it manages to bring a more modern twist with its club-chairesque shape. Made primarily of recycled plastic milk jugs, Loll chairs can sit outside all year round and not lose their colour or shape, although I can’t guarantee it wouldn’t be snatched up by bandits given how handsome it is. At more than $750 per chair, it ain’t cheap, but it will last you forever and its classic enough to remain timeless. Loll has wonderfully unique chaises too, each with a modern vibe. Check out their website for more designs, and for info on where to buy them. Available in 8 vibrant colours.


Lastly, if you’re looking to add some whimsy to your cottage space, look no further than this adorable flower armchair (that comes with a matching table) from Unica Home. You can buy it with or without the flower cutouts, and it’s the perfect size for use as an occasional chair. Just the thing to pull up to your cottage table when an extra guest pops round for dinner. Also available in hot pink—mix and match! Check Unica’s website for pricing and availability.