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This genius hammock stand is made from a single sheet of plywood

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Who doesn’t love a good swing in a hammock? But finding suitably distanced trees in the right location—facing the right direction—is tough. The solution is a hammock stand, and if you elect to buy one, the choices are pretty straightforward: metal stands run about $150 and are consistently rated “flimsy.” More robust (and beautiful) laminated wood stands will set you back $400–$600 or more. You can make this beautiful, strong, wooden hammock stand for the cost of a flimsy metal one. It has a shelf for drinks and snacks, it guarantees you shade, and all it takes it a single sheet of plywood.

To see the full story and plans, check out the October ’21 issue of Cottage Life, on newsstands September 20, 2021.

Project and plans by Paul Lewis

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