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The Colin & Justin Cottage Build Challenge: A Real Cedar car port in just one day!

Colin and Justin car port

When Colin & Justin, the design duo of Colin and Justin’s Cabin Pressure on Cottage Life TV, were invited to build three cottage projects out of Western Red Cedar in just three days, a car port for their Drag Lake abode was top of their list. “We didn’t want a closed garage but rather a gorgeous open frame to provide shelter for our vehicles,” says Justin. “Since the structure would be a major focal point, Real Cedar was the perfect materials to work with because it’s such a beautiful, resilient timber.

Colin and Justin Car Port

“The palette of our cabin is grey and black with earthy dark tones, and the prospect of Real Cedar slowing turning into a lovely grey patina over time made perfect sense,” adds Colin.

All-natural beauty

Designing such a prominent structure out of Real Cedar was an obvious choice in cottage country, according to Colin & Justin. “Western Red Cedar is a real neutral material, unlike other lumbers that can take on a washy green or brown pallor over time. Cedar is also perfect for architectural features because of its crisp, yet superbly rich tonal properties.”

Build integrity

“Without the talented crew of Discovery Dream Homes and Greg Brown Construction, we might have lost the challenge,” says Colin. Not only did they translate the designers’ vision into technical drawings, they worked the wood into the necessary components in record time. “They are fantastic carpenters, and it was a pleasure to watch them at work. Real Cedar is always a favourite of builders,” says Justin, adding that it’s because the majestic wood comes in a wide range of lumber dimensions, surface textures and grades, and is light and easy to work with. “With its straight grain and uniform texture, Western Red Cedar takes a fine finish in all hand and machine operations, takes fasteners without splitting and is easily sawn and nailed,” adds Justin.

Colin and Justin Car Port

Despite the fact Real Cedar is one of the lightest commercial softwoods, Colin & Justin almost lost the challenge because of their grandiose design. “It’s a colossal car port. There’s room for three cars parked horizontally and boat loads of additional storage,” admits Justin. Luckily, a neighbouring construction crew helped the team raise the giant ceiling beam to the apex of the structure. “Watching everyone come together to work in perfect harmony to build such a beautiful Real Cedar structure was really touching,” says Colin. “It sounds over the top but it really was moving.”

Colin and Justin Car Port

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