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Testing a burner’s temperature

Is there any way to test a burner’s temperature when the stove dials are missing?

There are two methods of testing temperature. Method one: Hold a hand just above the element. If you have to pull your hand away in one second, that’s considered “high heat”; three seconds is “medium heat”; and five seconds is “low heat.” Method two: Put a pot of water on the stove. Once the water boils, if it bubbles like mad you have high heat. Slow, rolling bubbles indicate medium heat. Small bubbles around the edge of the pot mean low heat. Pans of different materials do behave differently. A sturdy aluminum pan with a heavy bottom that distributes heat evenly works well. When cooking, even heat distribution always gives you better results, but if you’re not as confident about the heat source, it’s even more important. And speaking of the heat source, next on your cottage to-do list is this: Buy replacement dials.