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Stuff we like: Extendable paint poles

If you’ve got a cottage with cathedral ceilings, or you just get a little anxious when stepping onto a 
wobbly ladder, Shur-Line’s extendable Easy Reach paint pole could put you at ease. It goes from 30″ to 
60″ with the press of a button and locks into place at various lengths, giving you access to walls and ceilings well beyond your reach. For those relaxed cottagers who rarely apply a fresh coat of paint, its universal thread allows you to attach push brooms and dusters for jobs like clearing cobwebs.

Of course, you could always continue to use that broken broomstick with the squeegee duct-taped on. But the extendable paint pole comes with a padded, ergonomic handle and you can find it at most hardware and home reno stores for around $30—a small price for saving your-self the backache.

More information: Shur-Line