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Stop! Read this if you have an older cottage stove

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Most people are familiar with the simple tethers that keep fully-loaded bookcases from toppling over. Similar in concept are anti-tip brackets for gas and electric stoves, which are simple devices that prevent ranges from tipping forward, especially when leverage is applied to an open oven door. The potential for injury—especially to children—is obvious: when the stove tilts, hot pots and hot liquid will fall forward and hurt whoever is in front of the stove.

Anti-tip brackets have been a legal requirement since the 1990s, but if your cottage stove is an older model or was not installed correctly, you should be concerned. Original equipment brackets are available directly from range manufacturers, and there’s a wide selection online. Generic retrofit brackets for older stoves are also available. These safety devices cost anywhere from $15 to $40 and are easy to install. Every cottage stove should have one.

Pro tip

Prepping your cottage for sale? It’s a good idea to install the brackets pre-home inspection.

Pro tip 

Once the bracket is installed, pull the stove forward to ensure it won’t tip.

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