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Simple ways to light up your property

Solar light

Adding lighting to your cottage property doesn’t have to mean bright and intrusive. If done properly, adding just the right amount of lighting in exactly the right places can add ambiance and elegance while highlighting some of your most valued property features. You might even hide some of the undesirable ones. And not only does properly installed lighting increase security and safety, but it can also increase your property value. To help add ambiance to your cottage, I’ve come up with some great, inexpensive lighting ideas you can try.

Solar lighting

I love solar lights for their versatile, eco-friendly, and timesaving options. Allsop makes some of the most beautiful solar powered lighting I have ever seen. These products are versatile, beautiful, and extremely functional for creating ambiance in any space.

Try these tips:

•    Secure solar paper lanterns in the ground to the left and right of your walkway. You can create an amazing and interesting way to light your path to the dock or to the front door. These little glowing globes will definitely add interest to any landscape.

•    Hang paper lanterns of varying sizes at alternate heights from trees over your eating area. This will definitely set the scene for an outdoor dining experience that your guests won’t stop talking about.

Fibre optic lighting

One of my new finds—I just love the look—it is a fibre optic product made by StarScape. While the products aren’t solar powered, they have extreme versatility and create an amazing twinkling light effect. These lights can be placed into rock or patio stones through drilling. The effect is nothing short of amazing. If you’re looking for solar-powered mini lights, the best ones I’ve found are made by Philips. You’ll pay a little more, but their durability makes them worth it.

Try these tips:

•    If you want to use solar powered lighting, you can get a similar look by using solar powered mini lights. You can also drill into patio stones, but for mini lights you’ll have to counter sink them so you don’t break the lights. For a unique look, take some mini lights and lay the cords under the soil with the low glow under the plants. A light summer breeze will transform your garden bed into a twinkling starry sky.

•    For some fun colour, cover solar-powered mini lights with Dixie cups.  Punch holes out of out the side of them in a pattern and cover them in brightly coloured vellum. It looks amazing when the light is shining though the pattern, giving you a unique, classy version of patio lanterns.

Rope lighting

I love rope lighting; I use it whenever I can. While I don’t have a particular solar supplier to recommend for this rope lighting, I do have many ideas for it.

Rope Lighting
Photo courtesy of Tyra Guill via Pinterest

Try these tips:

•    Wrap your rope lighting in netting or burlap. Lay it in the ground to line your pathway, creating a cool seaside look. Alternatively, you can drape it over a tree.

•    Again, cover the rope lights in burlap. If you have a wooden porch, you can slide the rope lights into the slats between the boards (providing the space is big enough) for a completely different and interesting look. The burlap protects and camouflages it until the evening when the light gets dispersed in a dazzling porch display.

There are so many ways that you can create fantastic and functional lighting for your property. Tap into your creative side and figure out how you will make your cottage stand out from all the rest.