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Show your lake pride with this DIY lake cheeseboard

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Cheeseboards are a dime a dozen, but what if you had one in the shape of your beloved lake? This fun DIY project is perfect for entertaining at the cottage and you can be sure no one else will have the exact same cheeseboard. It’s a conversation starter and it also makes for a great cottage warming gift. Here’s how to make yours:

• Start by finding your lake on Google Maps. Print off the image, and use carbon paper to transfer the shape onto an oak stair tread. (You’ll want to use a hardwood for this project because the pores are smaller and won’t soak in spills as easily.) We printed our map on two sheets off paper to make the design bigger!

• Cut your lake out using a jigsaw and sand using 150 grit paper. We used a router to smooth the top edge of the board.

• Add butcher-block mineral oil to the top and bottom to seal your wood. We used adhesive rubber bumpers on the bottom to keep it from scratching the table.