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Should curtains be left open or closed over the winter?

winter curtains

When I close up my trailer for the winter should I leave the curtains open or closed?
—Mark Ryan

Most crime-prevention experts say “closed,” especially if you’ve got high-end items inside that can be easily sold for cash—electronics, power tools, firearms, sports gear—and thieves could spot this stuff through the windows. (Alcohol and jewelry are also a popular.) If they can’t see what’s available, they may not bother trying to get in.

On the other hand, if the furnishings inside look modest, and you don’t keep anything of value in the trailer over winter, leaving the curtains open to display exactly how slim the pickings are—does a thief really want to steal that ancient VCR, or your collection of dusty V.C. Andrews paperbacks?—could be a smart strategy. And it’s possible the open curtains could trick thieves into thinking you still visit the place in winter, especially if the room looks a little messy and lived-in.

Bottom line? Curtains open or closed, the best way to protect your valuables is to take them home with you for the winter.