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Our top pieces of cottage advice from 2016

wire bbq brush

Throughout the year, cottagers ask our experts many questions. They range from the super specific—how to get rid of that sulphur smell in the washroom—to the broad—how do you share a family cottage without drama?

We’ve tried to give our readers the best advice we can—on everything from grill safety to going green—but there are a few tips that have particularly resonated.

Here are some of the most popular pieces of advice we’ve dolled out in 2016:

How to clean your barbecue now that bristle brushes have been deemed dangerous

Cottagers had a rude awakening this summer when Canada’s ear-nose-and-throat physicians realized that people were swallowing the small metal bristles from BBQ brushes and getting them stuck in their throats. To help combat this issue, we came up with four simple, effective ways to clean your grill without these harmful tools.

Why solar power is perfect for the cottage

The magazine’s editor-in-chief Michelle Kelly explained why solar power is right for the cottage (and how it will save you money).

Don’t leave this stuff in your unheated cottage over winter

Many people pack up and leave their cottages for the winter—but what happens to all the stuff that stays at the lake? While many things will weather the winter without issue, there are a few things that are better trucked home than left to the elements.

What to do if you see a moose on the road

There is nothing scarier than driving along a secluded country road and seeing a hulking moose ahead of you. A run-in with a moose could leave everyone in serious danger.

Worried about the health of your lake? Check for these signs

A healthy lake equals a happy cottager, which is why it’s important to check-in every once in a while.

Research and writing by Jackie Davis

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