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Monopoly art

When I was a kid, Monopoly was a favourite at our family cottage. I haven’t played for years, ever since my obsessions with gin rummy and Scrabble began, but I still harbour a love for the old-timey feel of the game, especially the property cards. Simple and understated, I appreciate their design much more now than I did during the days of marathon sessions climbing the property ladder.

I suppose that is why this DIY project, from blogger Lindsay Stephenson of Aubrey + Lindsay’s Little House Blog, appeals to me so much.

A lifelong cottager herself, Lindsay was looking for ways to create inexpensive artwork for her Toronto home and hit on the idea of recreating the cards in larger format and framing them for her living room. She was especially clever to incorporate the property cards that related to her home’s location between a boardwalk to the south and a railroad to the north. Although Lindsay called on her graphic design experience (she works as a stationary designer) to recreate the cards, you could always frame the originals if you had access to a second game (garage sale, anyone?). Or, you might even try scanning the card and then blowing up the proportions, though I’m not sure how the quality would hold up.

Board game art…clever and cottagey! I’d love to hear some similar decor ideas using game pieces. Let me know!