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Innovative furniture for tiny homes and cottages

Tiny cottage

At many cottages, space is at a premium, especially when visitors descend. To avoid that holiday-turkey feeling—that is, stuffed—make sure the furniture you do have is functional, compact and, ideally, capable of filling more than one role.

Hammary Cubic’s coffee table with nesting ottomans

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Make your coffee table do double-duty by hiding extra seating. Make it even more efficient with small trays that can turn the nesting ottomans into smaller places to rest a book or a cup of tea. More info:

Hiddenbed by Breda Beds

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Murphy beds are great ideas, in theory. After all, a bed that folds up out of sight is a real space saver, right—except for the fact that you’re usually stuck with a large expanse of unusable wall once the bed is folded. Hiddenbeds solves that problem by incorporating a desk into the underside of the bed. More info: 

Structube Zen bedside table

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This minimalist bedside table is perfect if you like to read, write or enjoy your morning coffee in bed—or if you just don’t have the luxury of a lot of space beside your bed. Create a ready-made table by tucking the table’s legs under the bed, and you’ll have the perfect excuse to request breakfast in bed. More info: 

West Elm Mid Century daybed

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Daybeds are great because they double as seating areas and spare sleeping quarters—without having to go to the hassle of folding up a sofa bed. Pull up a duvet, pile on some cushions, and you’re all set. More info: 

Grey floor pouf

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Poufs are easily tucked away when they’re not being used, and a favourite place for kids to sit when all the grown-up seating is occupied. More info:

Pottery Barn Balboa counter-height table and stools

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If you need a little extra prep space in the kitchen, this counter-height table doubles as an island and a handy portable breakfast bar. More info: 

Ikea Sortera stacking recycling bin

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OK, this isn’t exactly furniture, but these stacking containers are a great way to sort garbage, recycling or small items because you don’t have to unstack them just to throw something away. More info:

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