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How to get rid of water rings on your wood furniture

Water ring

It’s the mark of a well-spent summer, one full of happy hours and happy neighbours: water rings on your wood furniture. Fortunately, there’s a simple remedy for the two types of water stains you’re likely to encounter.

Water that’s only penetrated the finish usually presents as a white mark. Place a smooth cotton cloth over it, and iron it at low temperature (with the steam setting turned off ) to drive out moisture. Lift the cloth frequently to check progress until the mark is gone or no longer changing. Rub Danish oil into the area, let sit, and wipe off the excess oil after 15 minutes.

To deal with black water marks, which reside in the wood, you’ll have to sand off the finish first. Then, spray with Super Iron Out—the oxalic acid in it will eliminate the stain. Douse the entire tabletop, as the wood’s colour will change. As the stain fades, wipe the surface clean with a damp cloth. Once dry, sand and finish to match. You’re ready for another summer full of happy.

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