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Here’s how to sharpen your own chainsaw

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Every chainsaw is going to get dull at some point. And who wants to make a trip into town to a professional sharpener? Skip that step and sharpen your own chainsaw at home—all you’ll need is a few simple tools and our step-by-step guide:

  • Make sure your chainsaw is switched to the STOP or OFF position, and remove the bar cover.
  • Clamp the bar of the saw in a vise, then add shims or wood blocks underneath the chainsaw body to level it with the tip. This will make filing a lot easier.
  • Check the tightness of the chain and adjust accordingly. You’ll need to be able to turn the chain manually.
  • Clip your small round file into the file holder, and mark the first cutter with a marker. This is your starting point.
  • Turn your file and holder to the marked 35 degree angle and, with a smooth motion, file the inside tooth of the chain. Do this for every second cutter.
  • Turn the chainsaw 180 degrees. You should now be on the other side of the bar. Now sharpen the cutters on the other side using the same method above.

Remember: safety always comes first when using a chainsaw. From the proper safety equipment to dropping a tree in an exact location, have a plan before starting a project with your saw.