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Drink this: Transform brunch with this delicious sangria

brunch-on-wooden-table Photo by Losangela/Shutterstock

The pick: Pompita Barcelona Sangria, a dry, low-alcohol, ready-to-pour sangria that promises to transform brunch.

Photo courtesy of  Messum Export

For many, weekend brunch wouldn’t even qualify as brunch without a glass of fizz. As the breakfast club moves outdoors for the warmer months, though, it’s time to freshen up our glasses with something a little lighter—Pompita Barcelona Sangria. This no-muss, no-fuss bottled sangria is the perfect way to switch things up and add a little extra zest to a cherished cottage ritual.

Backstory: Ten years ago, drinks professionals would have scoffed at the idea of a commercial sangria, arguing that house-made versions are always better. Times change, though, thanks to a clutch of quality-minded producers, mainly in Spain, who decided they could do a good job of bottling up and exporting the classic flavours found in Barcelona’s hopping sangria bars.

Why you’ll like it: Since it comes essentially ready-to-serve, Pompita is cool and casual and, at the same time, plenty of fun and likely to make you a more than a little nostalgic for your last foray into Old World patio society. It’s lightly-fizzy and remarkably dry-tasting, thanks to the blood oranges and tempranillo wine from Spain and, better-still, is low-octane (5.5 percent), so it won’t go straight to your head.

Chill in the refrigerator, serve over ice and, although this last step is optional, we think it gets a lot tastier with the addition of a couple of slices of fresh orange and a strawberry or two. Available in many markets in Canada for the exceptionally budget-friendly price of around $10.

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