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DIY projects for people who love to host parties

Hanging mason-jar tealights

A party is like an iceberg: 90% of it happens beneath the surface.

While it all comes down to one event full of friends, food, and conversation, every party requires preparation — which for some people is the best part! People who love putting together the perfect evening have a unique perspective on party prep. They know that creating place settings isn’t a burden, it’s a chance to reflect on the guests’ unique personalities; and putting together a centrepiece isn’t a chore, it’s an opportunity to create a piece of installation art; and making invitations isn’t an obligation, it’s a chance to discover your inner designer.

If this sounds like you, then we have a few projects that not only will impress attendees of your next shindig, but will also make preparing for it a lot more fun. Whether you’re planning a low-key barbecue or a high-stakes dinner party, you’re sure to find something on this list that suits your style. So grab your paintbrushes, take a trip to TIMBER MART, and get ready to get ready to party!

Hanging candle lanterns

Parties are all about mood, and mood is all about lighting. Candlelight can make any event feel warm and intimate, but regular candles can be messy, not to mention a fire hazard, so why not create these beautiful hanging mason-jar lights instead? They’re like a rustic chandelier hanging from the trees, and they’re incredibly easy to make. Just string the jars up with wire or fishing line, and pop in a tea light. Instant ambiance.

A bricked-in barbecue

The only way to make a backyard barbecue more satisfying? Cooking over a grill you built with your own two hands. A bricked-in barbecue is surprisingly simple to make, and a whole lot cheaper than a gas model. Built one of these, and your guests won’t know what they’re more impressed by: the steaks or the grill you cooked them on.

Find the instructions at DIY Doctor.

A hot tub

Some things just can’t be DIYed — like a hot tub, right? Well actually, no! If you’re ambitious and a bit handy, building your own hot tub is not an impossible task. There are actually several ways to approach making your own hot tub, from digging a hole in the ground to creating your own tiled masterpiece. So if you’re looking for a big project to make your parties this summer extra-special, this might be the perfect challenge.

Here are instructions for building your own cedar wood-fired tub.

A hanging lounge chair

There’s one at every party: the person who just wants to wander off into a corner by themselves and zone out. So here’s a project you can make to accommodate the daydreamer at your next party. This hanging chair is the perfect place to take a time out from the action without looking like too much of a loner.

Check out the instructions at the Merry Thought.

Cinder-block benches

Here’s a seating idea for the more social partygoers. This cinder-block bench is cute, comfortable, and, best of all, incredibly simple to make. No nails required — though feel free to get creative with cushions and colours schemes.

Instructions for this bench are at Simple Living.