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Display your lake map with an easy DIY acrylic frame

Lake Huron Map Photo by Bennian/Shutterstock

Take down Dogs Playing Poker and put up something you really want on your wall: a map of the lake.

You’ll need two sheets of .08″ thick acrylic or polycarbonate (cut to desired size), six pairs of strong magnets, two machine screws, four washers, four nuts, and picture wire.

Step 1:

Trim the map, if needed, allowing a border of at least 1½” around the map’s edge for the hanging hardware.

Step 2:

Drill two holes in the sheets for the machine screws.

Pro tips: mark the holes with an awl (near the left and right edges, about a third of the way down); clamp the two sheets together, using scrap wood under the clamps’ jaws to protect the acrylic; drill a pilot hole first. (Don’t press hard or the sheet may crack.)

Step 3:

Remove the protective coating from the inner surface of each sheet. Position the map between the sheets. Peel back the coating around the drilled holes, and install the hanging hardware: a machine screw and a washer through one side; washer and nut on the other.

Step 4:

String the wire between the bolts, twist the ends, and add a second nut to each bolt to secure the wire. Protective coating comes off; magnets go on to hold the sheets together.

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