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Check out this beautiful converted church in Prince Edward County

Main room of converted church with soaring ceilings , massive sectional couch and wood burning fireplace

Location: Prince Edward County, Ont.

The Numbers
Bedrooms: 3
Bathrooms: 2
Property Size: 3 acres
Waterfront: Backs on the Bay of Quinte

The Tour
According to owner Adam Turner, the property was originally commissioned by the government to land owners as farm land in 1802. In 1888, the Massassauga  United Church structure was built. “It was decommissioned in 1967 and was converted into a residence some time in the ’90s,” says Adam. 

exterior of converted church 

The exterior is still the original red brick built in 1888.

Main room of converted church with soaring ceilings , massive sectional couch and wood burning fireplace
A look inside the main living room.

Adam purchased the property in 2019. “It needed a lot of love,” he says. “The largest expense of the renovation was the 1960’s red brick chimney in the middle of the room. It went all the way to the ceiling, through the attic, and 10 feet above the roof.” The chimney hadn’t been used in 30 years (the previous owners had added a regular fireplace and insulated the walls). “Luckily, it wasn’t structural, but it was quite the project. Removing this totally opened up the space.”

loft bed overlooking main room of converted church
The master bedroom with a king bed.

“I had to buy all new beds, mattresses, furniture, and kitchen accessories to make it turn-key for guests,” says Adam. “I turned everything around in just three and half months.”

land commission framed and hanging on the wall

Adam went to the Prince Edward County archives, found the original land ledgers, and had them framed as decoration for the space.

small loft reading room with bed
A small loft reading room.

When thinking about the updated design, Adam wanted to have a mix of styles: “I wanted to keep the original character of the church, but with an updated modern look and feel with neutral colours.”

kitchen with eat-in dining area

Some improvements to the space were easy to see. “The former owner had dark plastic panels over the windows,” says Adam. “Once we removed them, the light just poured in.”

one of the queen bedrooms
One of two queen bedrooms.
One of two bathrooms.

The Bonus
True to its roots, the property still has a usable confessional.

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