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Brighten your deck without using bleach

No matter how well you build your deck, or what you build it from, sun and rain will eventually make it look old and dingy. Mold on a deck isn’t harmful, but it’s not exactly attractive, either.

In this video, DIY expert Steve Maxwell shows you the easiest way to revive those grey, weathered surfaces—without using harsh bleaches or scrubbing for hours on your hands and knees.

The process is pretty straightforward: first, wash your deck to get rid of any dirt or residue. (Using a house and deck wash, like this one from Concrobium Mold Solutions, is a good way to make sure everything’s sparkly clean.)

Then strip away any existing finish. Now you’re ready to tackle the mold stains.

Although bleach is a traditional way to get rid of mold stains, it’s not plant or insect friendly, and it doesn’t do a good job of discouraging future growth. It’s far better to use a dedicated product specifically designed for mold and mold stains, like Concrobium Mold Stain Eraser.

Application couldn’t be easier. Mix the powder into a bucket of water, let sit for ten minutes, and then apply it to your deck. Mold Stain Eraser doesn’t need to be rinsed, but it does need to stay on your deck for at least three hours—so make sure you apply it on a sunny day.

All set? Go brighten that dingy deck!