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Add style with classic cottage chairs

Looking for a way to give your cottage a little oomph in the design department? Why not look to chairs to help add style and a sense of history.

During the last century, this utilitarian necessity has transformed into a beacon of design. Some live as original pieces in varying stages of wear and other reproductions, but the vast array and availability of chairs in so many shapes and stages of life means there’s a little piece of design history available at nearly any price point.

Half the fun of adding a new piece to your cottage can be the hunt. Local antique or architectural salvage stores are a great place to start, but some of the best diamonds in the rough can be unearthed at garage sales or picked up on the side of the road.

So on your next trip through cottage country, keep your eyes peeled and you might just score a stylish place to put your posterior!

Here are a few iconic pieces to watch out for.