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A documentary: For the love of wood

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The digital revolution has changed our world in so many ways, but a counter culture revolution is on the rise. It’s an ancient craft that’s been around since the beginning of humankind — woodworking. Spurred on by a new generation who are looking to make things with their hands, the DIY woodworking movement is coming back into the spotlight.

There are a variety of things about wood that we take for granted, but from the cribs we sleep in as babies to the caskets we are buried in, wood touches us all in a real and personal way. Without it, we might not even be here. We would have no heat, no shelter, and no boats for exploring the far reaches of the Earth. So many of our inventions come from wood and civilizations advanced because of it.

For the Love of Wood is a documentary about the passionate people who love making things with wood and the important role that wood has played in our history, culture, and society.

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