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6 ways to boost space in a small bathroom

If there’s one room you can never have too much storage in it’s the bathroom. But spend any amount of time in cottage country and you’ll quickly find that bathrooms here are rarely big enough to store our never-ending supply of bath and beauty products. Rather than fret over your lack of space, get creative! There are numerous ways to add storage and personality to your bathroom without breaking the bank. Here are a few of my favourites.

Make the most of mason jars

They’re tiny and affordable, and they really add rustic charm to any space. You can sit them on the counter to hold toothbrushes and other bathroom staples or you can attach them to the wall using hose clamps found at your local hardware store. For more of a country garden feel, you can easily trade in the mason jars for small terracotta pots, which are an equally cost effective and fun option.

Baskets, baskets and more baskets

Not only are baskets an easy way to sort and organize your various makeup, hair and beauty products underneath the counter, but they can also easily double as simple shelving solutions. Hang basket-woven window boxes from wall hooks to hold toilet paper and face cloths or mount the bottom of a basket to the wall to creative a shelf and use the handle as a small towel bar.

Incorporate antiques

Small hutches are a great spot to get all of your bathroom items out of sight and add a dash of country charm to the bathroom. Or lean an antique ladder against the wall and hang baskets and towels from its rungs for an instant and easy shelving option.

Add shelving

When looking to add storage to any room, you can never go wrong with shelves. But get a little creative with your shelving placement—extend the countertop over the toilet, add corner shelving or place a shelf above the door. This is a great spot for storing extra toilet paper and facial tissue and really maximizes your limited space. Also, small cubbyholes can easily fit into a small area and are a great spot for holding rolled up towels.

Create a niche

By recessing the wall between studs, you can quickly add some extra space that can be used in a variety of ways. Create a nook above the sink that houses small shelves or a medicine cabinet for all your bathroom necessities. A recessed area in the shower is the perfect spot to hold shampoos and conditioners while creating a recess in the wall is great place to install a towel bar.

Add a curtain

If you’re rocking a pedestal sink or have unsightly exposed plumbing, a quick fix is adding a small curtain around the bottom of the sink. Not only does this increase the visual appeal of the space, but you can also place small shelving units or baskets behind the curtain to increase your (hidden) storage potential.

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