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6 tips for how to be a green gardener

Cottagers are more eco-aware than most, so it makes sense that many are looking for easier ways to grow greener gardens—whether at the cottage during the too-short summer months or during the limited time they spend at home. To make sure your green-thumb stays green, use these strategies as you plan your garden this spring.

1. Compost. Improve soil fertility by using kitchen food scraps. Why throw away perfectly good plant food? Known as ‘gardener’s gold,’ compost is an inexpensive way to give your soil high-powered nutrients.

2. Harvest rainwater. Adding a rain barrel is an easy way to capture water for lawns and gardens. Be sure to put a screen on top of your barrel to keep out unwanted debris and creatures.

3. Use up-to-date tools. New lawn mowers are more fuel efficient and produce less harmful emissions. Also, you may want to consider a front, rear, or all-wheel drive mower, as they will reduce your mowing time substantially. There are many walk behind options for you to consider. Here are some by Husqvarna.

4. Bring on the pollinating pals. Provide a pesticide-free sanctuary for butterflies and bees by growing a diverse variety of flowers. Flowers such as wild lilac, goldenrod, and lemon balm are particularly inviting to our flying friends.

5. Loosen the soil. Soil loosening makes it possible for oxygen to reach the roots of the plants, and it also creates a better-looking flowerbed. In smaller beds you can get by with hand tools, but if you’re working with larger areas, a rotary cultivator, such as the Husqvarna DRT9000H, is the way to go.

6. Keep the mulch. Leave the clippings on your lawn. Not only do you eliminate the time to bag and dump the mulch, but the clippings fertilize the soil and lawn. The Husqvarna 3-n-1 HD800BBC is a great top-of-the-line mower to consider.

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