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4 unique upgrades for your new cottage build

boy-swinging-on-rope-swing-over-lake Photo by EvgeniiAnd/Shutterstock

One of the most rewarding things about designing and building a new cottage is the simple fact that you get to start with a blank canvas, which can be the beginning of an entirely creative process. Depending on what fits for your family and style, there are several features that can take your cottage design to the next level.

When designing a new cottage, consider including these four elements to help make your space more memorable and unique.

A secret passage

Who doesn’t dream of having a secret passage on their own property? A secret passage can act as a great hiding spot for when your kids want to play a game of hike-and-seek, a storage space, and even a safe haven for those who just want to get away from the noise for a little while. Some of the most common types of secret passages are revolving bookcases and camouflaged doorways. The camouflaged doorway is the simplest form as the doorway itself is integrated as part of the wall, creating the illusion that it is nothing more.

A loft

Lofts and attics are sometimes used interchangeably, though lofts themselves tend to use the entire space directly underneath the roof, including the sloped eaves, while attics do not. Lofts can be used for storage or can be converted into a living space. Whatever the case may be, lofts efficiently take advantage of all possible living space and are great ways to add extra beds. Depending on how you design your loft, they can even sometimes feel like indoor treehouses!

A Murphy bed

Murphy beds are also known as fold-down beds since they are hinged at one end, enabling them to fold down when being used and back up when they are not. Installing a Murphy bed into your cottage is a fantastic way to save space—especially if you have smaller bedrooms. You might want to include a Murphy bed for your guests. It might not be every day that you invite a friend up to the cottage, and perhaps you haven’t simply because you don’t have enough room. Fold it down, use it as an extra bed when you have guests over, and then fold it back up when they leave.

A tire swing

Every cottage needs an outdoor swing, whether it’s a chair swing attached to the roof or a rope swing leading into the water. Even if your cottage is not directly near a deeper body of water that is safe to dive into, consider a tire swing attached to a tree. This swing could be a place to read a book, a relaxing spot to watch the sunrise or set, and even as a spot for capturing great photos.


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