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4 must-haves for a screened porch

Screened porch after

1. Waterproof floors

Porches need floors as robust as the outside but with a level of sophistication appropriate for the indoors. Exterior-grade lumber or natural stone are ideal. 

2. Blankets

Our screened porch is a three-season affair—at least—so we keep a lot of throw blankets on hand. They’re just the thing for cooler evenings. Stash them in baskets or sling them over a

couch—functional as decor even when not in use!

3. Music

No one likes music blaring from one room to the other (or having to carry music players around), so prewire for speakers; this will allow you to select where you want music and how loud it should play in each zone.

4. Cooling fans

Electric fans will pick up the breeze and enhance its cooling effect, even in a screened porch. Ceiling-mounted models look amazing, but sleek, floorstanding ones work just as well.

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