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3 ways you can use copper pipe to brighten up your privy

Copper wall hooks

This article was originally published in the May 2016 issue of Cottage Life magazine.

Use up leftover copper pipe from your last plumbing job, and make yourself a shiny new matching hardware set. We made bathroom fixtures, but you can make a lot with pipe fittings. Think of it as Lego for adults.

To make wall hooks, drill a hole through a copper cap, and screw it to the wall. Attach a 1″ length of pipe and a 45° elbow. Then stick a T-joint onto the elbow, and add 1″ pipe lengths and caps to the ends. A few dabs of epoxy will hold everything in place.

For the towel bar, make two hooks as above, but with 24″ of pipe in between. The toilet-paper holder is just three pipe lengths connected with elbows; hang it using copper brackets. Voila! Almost as much fun as a Lego starship.